#8: 111 Bridesmaids

When same-sex marriage became legal in New York State, I unconsciously dove head-first into a same sex wedding planning business.

#7: What I Lost and Gained at CurvyCon

An plus size clothing & body positivity convention helped me shed the identity of The Ashamed Fat Woman & celebrate myself exactly as I am.

#6: Tit-Bits

Even though more than 50% of women have breast asymmetry, I thought I was the only one and grew up with the self-diagnosis: Freak of Nature.

#5: Did I Do the Right Thing?

An innocent moment, shared by two sweet friends, could get one of them killed simply because of his complexion. And that one is my nephew.

#4: Am I Blue?

The medication confirmed what I had resisted accepting. I do, in fact, have a mental illness.

#2: Fuck Secrets and Shame

I just finished The F*ckIt Diet on Audible and for me, listening to Caroline Dooner read her words, was liberating as f*ck.

#1: Welcome

Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. Sort of. Actually, I’m not certain I want to share any of this with you.

What I Still Don't Want You to Know