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V (formerly Eve Ensler)
Author of The Vagina Monologues, founder of VDay

Eva Tenuto is a masterful, creative. visionary facilitating and engaging people in telling their stories, bringing them out of silence and into voice.  She weaves a conscious raising tapestry through art that is both transformative and transcendent. Eva builds communal bridges promoting and affecting positive change, creating a world where everyone matters. I’ve had the privilege of watching her work and am deeply moved by the trust she inspires in people, by the creativity she prompts, by the specificity of the truths she awakens and the freedom she catalyzes through the safe spaces, deep listening and attention she offers.  When we tell our stories not only are we legitimized, but when we hear our story be told, we suddenly exist in community with others. I can think of no one who is more devoted and talented at building the beloved community.  


"I have seen first hand the importance of Eva's work and the value it brings to the world. She is a true visionary and has the skills and determination to bring her ideas to fruition. She brings deep compassion to her work which allows those around her to dig deep, transform and become more aligned with their authentic selves. Through our partnership, I've seen others share their truth and have gotten more in touch with my own. I'm grateful for the collaboration we've forged to make the world a better place for people of all genders."


Peter Buffett

Co-president of NoVo Foundation

"Eva has been a phenomenal catalyst in bringing authenticity into people’s lives and the community they’re a part of. Her work is truly transformational and embedded with a level of commitment that is rare and necessary in a world that is increasingly fragmented and disconnected. Eva’s bright light allows others to see their own."


Celeste Lecesne

Academy Award winner and Co-founder of The Trevor Project

"Eva's compassion, kindness and smarts have given her an insight into the power of a single person's story and provided thousands of people with the experience of being authentically themselves. Eva has cracked the code for true storytelling as a means of transformation. It's not enough for her to be able to tell her own story; her joy, brilliance and vision have been creating the means for us all to tell our stories, and a platform for those stories to change the world."


"After many years as a writer, editor and instructor myself, I started running TMI Project workshops with Eva Tenuto, and learned so much from her about storytelling and editing. Eva is a terrific writer, editor, and director, and more than that, she knows how to empower people by leading them bravely and compassionately toward sharing their truths. Her guidance even helped me to overcome my own two-year writer's block."

Sari Botton
Bestselling Author, Editor, Educator


Larry Ruhl

Artist and Author of Breaking the Ruhls

"I have the great privilege of calling Eva my collaborator, mentor, and confidant. She allows for these things to weave effortlessly together, creating a foundation of trust and creative inspiration. Eva is an artist in every sense of the word, forever evolving, allowing those around her to join in on the journey. My gratitude for her presence in my life knows no bounds."

Tony Porter

Co-founder and CEO of A Call to Men


Sil Reynolds 

Co-Author of Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through The Teen Years

"I believe Eva Tenuto is brilliant and prolific. Her creations transform and heal, as well as call many to activism."

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